Tuesday, February 13, 2024



I wonder why is there so much glibness in an advanced democracy?  I have met so many people who treat even something like this so simplistically! Is it simply your perception that turning from the hips is the way to do it? Watching the befuddled faces seems to echo that.  A simple experiment of turning above the pelvis and then below the pelvis, as shown, would test the veracity of whether one feels something or feels nothing.  

Isn't it also medical evidence that the pelvis/hips are significant joints in the body? Isn't it also a mechanical fact that “fulcrum” capability differs depending on distance factors? Accepting that evidence, isn't it logical reasoning that tells us the hips cannot turn by themselves but need to be powered by something else?  

Because your feet are so close together in this case,  the hips turn by first turning the waist, which then turns the hips....the reverse order cannot work.   In the case of taking a more extensive, sometimes much larger step size, isn't it then the pushing down of the feet generating power into the legs that turn the hips?  

Glib does indeed win superficially. If I had to guess, it is just more accessible for people to eschew logic and as well to be simplistic, aka glib in some explanation, and say, "The hips generate all movement".

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