Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"Sometimes an illusion..."

Sometimes an illusion  (a link to video)

At some point a student needs to realize that teacher's know what they are doing and not second guess them, it will be a long difficult journey otherwise. It can be very embarassing for some after arguing with a teacher to see a video of oneself doing something incorrectly and/or Master Hwa doing the same thing correctly...particularly after saying "...I watched the video at home, you are wrong.." I can play and replay all sorts of videos at the studio location. Upon correction for "bobbing up and down" the student in this video told me "...I watched the video and when Master Hwa lifts the pelvis with the core, he straightens his leg and stands up..." I showed this video along with a video of Master Hwa and explained to the student that bobbing up and down/straighten the leg and stand up is not the same as lifting the leg with the core. Master Stephen Hwa has said before: "You need to remember “sometimes the appearance of reality is actually an illusion. My students in class often told me that they thought I was moving a certain way and tried to do the same. Later they found out that their observation was not correct. That was the reason I incorporated different views in my dvd video so you could see my moves at different angles to lessen the chance of wrong impression. Using a fresh eye to review the lesson video could also uncover any misinterpretation of my movements. "

Master Hwa doing correct walking (a link to video)