Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What is "small circle" Tai Chi, what is "internal"?

http://youtube.com Besides my own personal study in the 70's, 80's and 90's for a considerable time at numerous locations, particularly Youtube. I did a search of all of myriad sources, websites, videos, images, articles for actual instruction on true "small circle" Tai Chi and I do not find "small circle" Tai Chi being taught. Although I saw the words "small circle" used quite frequently, a critical examination (with an accompanying comparison to Classical Tai Chi) of the body structure, foot positioning, size of footsteps, (in many cases "extraneous") movement of the extremities, and lack of "internal movement" from the core of the body, demarcation/delineation of yin and yang, positioning of yin/yang pairs, etc. revealed to me that there is no "small circle" Tai Chi being taught. This picture gives a good comparison of what is "small circle".

 In the truest sense, saying one's Tai Chi is "small circle" is like saying their Tai Chi is "internal". Recently, a new student said "...internal is what my teacher is teaching in a particular Style short form.." yet I asked the student to show me their "internal" and they said"...well, that is what my teacher said he was teaching...". I think "caveat emptor" is particularly germane to what we discuss along with "all that glitters is not gold". wherein the attractive "external appearance" of something is not a reliable indication of its true nature.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Your body and mind on stress


Try a little experiment: This is what happens to your body on stress. Squeeze fists, arms, shoulders, face, core, etc. into as tight a squeeze as possible...now without letting go of the self-inflicted tightening STRETCH DOWN YOUR TAILBONE as you see in this picture, whether you are standing or sitting. If you cannot do that then pull in your lower abdomen until you feel the tailbone stretch down, then hold the stretch for 5 or 10 seconds. You will feel all the tenseness leave the body. This is a remedy for stress, anger, fear...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Liked on YouTube: Internal Discipline in Baseball

Internal Discipline in Bassball
How to generate power in baseball using Internal discipline in Classical Tai Chi. For more information, see classicaltaichi.com
via YouTube Youtube Link

Liked on YouTube: Internal Discipline in Tennis by Roger Federer & Serena Williams

Internal Discipline in Tennis by Roger Federer & Serena Williams
How to generate power in tennis by Roger Federer & Serena Williams using the internal discipline of Classical Tai Chi. For more information see classicaltaichi.com
via YouTube Youtube Link

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why "Uncovering the Treasure" is not digital

There will never be a digital version of "Uncovering the Treasure" coming to a Tablet, Cellphone or PC near you. For one thing those electronic devices cannot "open and close the body along the spine" like this book can...for another that book smells so good when one's "nose is buried in it". Unfortunately batteries are not included with the book but you can smile when the flight attendant tells everyone to turn off their electronic devices. The book feels different each time, much like the Classical Tai Chi form.  To paraphrase my teacher as well I think there will always be more books passed on to other people than tablets.

"Uncovering the Treasure" by Stephen Hwa, PhD available at Amazon.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Understand "fajin" as being multifaceted

Let's not continue to conflate "fajin" only with "one inch punch" which time wise is of short duration. As you see in the photos which show "longer duration" and "short duration" of force. How do we do either or both? If there is a "secret" to success it is to be found by us in our discernment or non-discernment of small differences in sensation that we feel and our subsequent ability or inability to both note and choose options and movement efficiency. In a workshop Master Stephen Hwa said "...the amount of fajing you can deliver is proportional to how compact you can make the delivery..." AND as I have said "... It is an established principle that the smallest difference in sensation we can discern is proportional to the magnitude of the larger sensation..." The "larger sensation" for all of us is the much larger section of the body that is away from the much smaller area that we wish to move.

IMHO: There are no "SECRETS" of Tai Chi, if you want to develop "one inch punch" in a hurryyyy, go home and do slowwww quarter body movement as a punch for 2 hours a day for a hundred days. The thing is there are slim and none people willing to do that...the "secret" is in sheer persistence for a "short duration" of time. Or you can do it spread out over years as a "long duration" with the same persistence.