Sunday, December 1, 2019

"Ordinary Force" v. "Non-ordinary Force"

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Jim R. said: New free Tai Chi classes now available Wed., Jan. 8, 2020, 6:30-7:30 PM and free classes also continuing Sundays 10-11 AM. Rockwell Hall, Rm., 302, 1300 Elmwood Ave., Bflo., NY. Try this little experiment: "Ordinary Force" can be felt if you stand absolutely perpendicular and push with your arms as hard as possible against a wall. The "reaction force" will make you careen backward. In this video, I am in a discussion about the pitfalls of external ("ordinary") force with Master Hwa, Tom K., and Ike Schultz. What Ike says about the "snapping" REACTION FORCE effect on the shoulder joint when punching is also true of "snapping" REACTION FORCE effect on knees and hips when kicking. So, doesn't logic also dictate "ordinary" force stopping at the hips when pushing with the back leg? Stand with the same hand position but not using arm muscles to push, just legs. It can be felt if you stand perfectly perpendicular and push with your legs as hard as possible through your arms and hands against a wall. The "REACTION FORCE" will make you careen back as well.

Jim R. said: "There is a thing called "NON-ORDINARY" Force that is not "external" and is a skill to be learned via internal discipline. The comment at this point might be, "but what if I take a large step forward and tilt my body forward?" Of course, you won't careen back because the "Reaction Force" is absorbed by the back foot...but your force is still "external and ordinary". The conundrum is how to take a "SMALL" step (small frame, small circle), tilt the body forward or even stand perpendicular like Master Hwa in this photo...and not careen back from "reaction force". He used the "non-ordinary" force."

Adarsh Vazhakandy said: "clear explanation. this student has grasped the essence of internal power"

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