Saturday, May 11, 2019

Feel Qi or Feel evidence of Qi?

Feel Qi or Feel evidence of Qi (video on Qi)

Sifu Jim Roach said: Master Stephen Hwa, Here's my question: At 7:30 approx. of the "...Qi...internal energy..." youtube video you state in so many words "...the qi is something you cannot feel...but you do feel the energy..." To sum this up might it be correct to say one does not feel the qi, one feels the evidence of qi? I'm thinking of an analogy to electricity like "one does not see electricity but one does see the evidence of electricity when a light bulb goes on". Or, one does not feel electricity but one does feel the evidence of electricity when they get an electrical shock.

Thanks for that video, as some would's "awesome" as far as a down to earth explanation and how to do things.


Yes, Jim. You may feel finger tingling, but you will not feel the Qi flow. Because it is there instantly. Other people may feel your Qi when you touch them. Sometimes works quite well. .

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