Monday, January 24, 2011

Starting the Tai Chi journey and stumbling...

Jason said: "Hi.I'm just starting my tai chi journey & stumbled upon this post (see post on "Diamonds vs. Rocks"). I definitely want to learn traditional tai chi- not the watered-down Westernized version. Although I'm new to tai chi, I innately feel something is missing from
Westernized tai chi, but unsure what to do about it.

Can you give me some guidance? Since I'm new to this, I don't fully
understand this post. Also, I can't afford classes, so I'm learning what I can
from DVDs and online sources. Are there any DVDs or online sources you
recommend?" Thanks! -Jason 

Hello Jason

I do not think that you  stumbled when you found the post, on the contrary I think you came to the right place.   I will also let a student tell you themselves.  I do concur with what John says about the amount of work involved.   If you will sit down and completely read the website called Classical Tai Chi and all of the pages at the website, in one sitting with not letting yourself get distracted, you will have a good idea of what John means about work.  This is Classical Tai Chi it is  not "watered down, westernized tai chi", once you do the work to "get it",  it is like owning a large amount of diamonds...a real treasure.

John said:  “Firstly I would invest in the 'Volume I - Tai Chi Overview' DVD. Money well spent. This will whet anyone's appetite... or put them off completely after seeing the
amount of work involved! 

If money is tight I see the whole DVD set and book as being a good investment as they provide a lifetimes worth of classes for a one-off payment. This coupled with Jim’s Blog,
the Facebook group and the Yahoo group provide support and advice. The biggest
thing to realize (in my opinion) is that Classical Tai Chi is a serious
commitment rather than a hobby - it is certainly not a fad. Hope this helps.”



Facebook group



Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo said...

Welcome Jason. I have found Classical Tai Chi as presented by Master Hwa, Sifu Roach and others to be open and honest . Help with constructive criticism for someone seriously trying to learn. I echo what John said earlier about the DVD and book. The Tai Chi walk presented in the DVD and page 45 of the book is mentioned by Master Hwa as "the first lesson for the student". Classical Tai Chi has become more serious to me the more I learn about it..but I try to keep in mind the advice also given me by my teachers to have fun.

Mark Thomasson

Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo said...

I stopped training in another branch of the Wu style of taijiquan and am following this method. Dr. Hwa's explanations are clear, tangible and can readily be applied in your daily life.

Rick Matz

Chuck said...

Hello, Jason, and welcome.
I must admit that when I read the subject header of your post I thought you were going to recount an interrupted or even aborted start at studying Tai Chi. That is just the situation in which I currently find myself after a number of health issues arose which have impeded my practice. While I have been able to continue with certain of the silk reeling exercises, I ache to resume my practice of the form. I have experienced more benefit from Classical Tai Chi than from any other discipline, a Tai Chi that I truly feel merits the title of the "supreme ulitmate". I can assure you that any time you devote to the pursuit of Classical Tai Chi will be richly rewarding.

Chuck Wilder