Sunday, February 22, 2015

Unvarnished truth in Classical Wu Style Tai Chi

                                                Good example of incorrect body structure/alignment

I get emails from students which for the most part I also cc to Master Hwa. This "answer" was also cc'd to Master Hwa:

Of late there has been quite a few that tell me of "previous experience" in Yang, Wu, Chen,  or other Wu styles,  or what is "seen on Youtube". I  also heard concerns of this ilk from many students who come to my studio. 

The unvarnished truth of this is: For a beginning student in this (regardless of previous experience in Yang, Wu, Chen, etc.)  there has to be concern over body structure or alignment so there is no point talking of what someone in another style or teacher does. There is no point in talking of what the intent or application is as well. 

In a proverbial sense one does not put the cart before the horse nor turn their head as if to dance with another teacher while learning Classical Wu Style Tai Chi.

See pp. i in the Introduction to Uncovering the Treasure by Stephen Hwa, PhD available on Amazon,  Create Space  for further information on body structure and alignment.

My concern is: If one admits being a beginning student then by default how can you not at least acknowledge that part of your attention will have to go to your correct/incorrect body structure or alignment? 

Inevitably, there will be incorrect body structure or alignment in learning this...

In light of this how do you propose to correct these Tai Chi postures coupled with thoughts of whether Young Wabu deviated from Wu Chien Chuan's teachings, or what was or was not emphasized with something else, or what intent/application is, or what is on youtube?

Concerns and questions of this ilk:

 "I watched youtube, I did Yang, Wu, Chen, this Wu teacher, that 

teacher is double weighted on Youtube, Young Wabu deviated from Wu Chien Chuan, 

What is the application of this because Yang does that, etc., etc".

Answer: I was not aware that youtube was the repository of what is correct in Tai Chi.

Answer: I was not aware that  other Wu Styles, Chen and Yang styles, etc.,  were a gold standard for this.

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