Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Master Seminar July 2011

It is my pleasure to make an early announcement  that a plan to have a seminar  on Classical Tai Chi by Master Stephen Hwa is being formed. At this point, Master Hwa is in agreement with me that it will take place on the weekend of July 9 and 10, 2011. It will be in Buffalo, NY.

*Please contact me directly as we need to make sure of logistics and numbers.  At this time, you may contact me at My Email Address.  Be sure to put "Seminar" in the subject line.

You may also email me with any questions on location, lodging, and further announcements will only be made through email if you are not a current student. 

Master Hwa has never charged for any seminar, one can only hope to aspire to such generosity.

It looks like a "go" for a big location with lots of space. 

That gives good parking, air conditioning, electronics for video taping the seminar, lighting and WiFi for a possible skype session worldwide.

*If you are not currently a student of Master Hwa,you will need to purchase the DVD series  at Classical Tai Chi Website .  Then you will need to contact us for the details of location, times for the seminar, etc. 

It is a one time purchase which entitles you to as much help as you can tolerate for the rest of your life;>). 

*When you email us,  please provide info. of  your current status as a student if you are interested in attending. If you are not currently a student, please  provide proof of DVD purchase in the email.

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