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What happened to Yang Shao Hou Taiji?

Very interesting post! But my Taiwanese sources tell me, that Xiong Yanghe's Taijiquan has many origins, from some nephew of Yang Luchan (named Liu Zhongfang), from Yin Tianxi (in the Gan Fengzhi lineage) and finally also some Yang Jianhou. On Xiong's website from his students, their is nothing to be read on Yang Shaohou. Do you know anything more? After Chinese Newyear, I'll start in the Xiong system, after more then 20 yrs. of 37, 64 and 108 (all YCF linegae). Happy holidays! Hermann from Taiwan
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Thanks Hermann,

I don't believe I ever stated Xiong only had one "origin" for his Tai Chi.  Actually, I was excerpting bits about him from an article submitted to me by Michael DeMarco of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts.

Actually, I think that Xiong’s origins of his  lineage are still open to question.   In Michael DeMarco’s contributions for instance we see that Liu Zhongfang is not listed as a Luchan nephew but a disciple of a Shaolin Master named Liu He.  DeMarco’s report states that Xiong was learning Shaolin at age 12.  As far as influence from Gan Fengzhi,  DeMarco reports that this came from Yin Wanbang of Jiangnan Eight Harmonies Boxing.   It is clear therefore that Xiong had quite a bit of exposure to Shaolin at an early age.

You may be interested in Chessman’s statements  at Formosa Neijia that he “found a teacher of Xiong-shi system that teaches four hours a day, everyday for free…it’s hard to pass that up”.

 An interview from China Wushu Magazine as translated by Key Sun and Leroy Clark, from the mid seventies was done with a  Chang Yiu-Chun a student of Yang Shou-Hou.  In the interview he states: 
“ My teacher was Yeung (Yang) Shou-hu the grandson of the founder of the Yeung (Yang) style, Yeung Lu-sum. (Yang Lu-Ch'an). I was with Yeung from 1911 until his death in 1930”. 

Finally: The interview  lists the following as being disciples of Yang Shao Hou:

 Wu Tunan (beijing),  Ma Runzhi Tian Zhaolin (shanghai),  You Zhixue , Dong Runfang,  Liu Xizhe,  Xiong Yanghe (Taiwan) , Li Shouqian (Taiwan),  Miao Lian,  Gu Lisheng , Cao Lianfang


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Xiong Yang Ho video:

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from what I understand one of chang yiu chun's students was the late Erle Montaigue..sadly passed away last wednesday in the UK. Erle claims to have been teaching the Old Yang style for more than 40 years and I have been practicing his teaching about 4 years. I also continually look around to see who else is out there and what is being taught, so sad that the true masters are not around to teach those of us that still want to learn. Although Elre has a tremendous amount of criticism I have never seen anyone use taiji as a self defence system in the way that he taught. (eli now teaches) what he called the Yang lu chan version taiji from what he shows is much more effective for self defence than any video Ive ever seen. take a look at the W.T.B.A. if you havent may be waht you re looking for.