Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Liked on YouTube: Healthy Knee through Classical Tai Chi

Healthy Knee through Classical Tai Chi
Classical Tai Chi Form is designed to keep healthy knee. Those measures to keep knee healthy are illustrated here and should be used for everyday life. For more information see http://ift.tt/2wuNs8q
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James Roach said...

In viewing several other Youtube videos that promise "...healthy knees through Tai Chi..." I was struck by how much the teachers are lecturing rather than demonstrating. One video of 16-minute duration showed the teacher speaking for 10 minutes rather than teaching. In his videos on healthy knees and healthy back Stephen Hwa gets into the nitty gritty of "how to do it" within the first minute. A disturbing sight in many videos is how teachers continue to have the back foot turned out which creates shear and torque forces on the knees. They also demonstrate knee positions that violate the rule of "knee does not go over the toe" on a consistent basis. They clearly are not aware they are making this painful mistake so how is it good for you and me? In light of this, one thing is becoming clear however and that is how many students seem oblivious even to the discomfort even pain of this, after all their teacher taught them to do it.