Saturday, August 5, 2017

Liked on YouTube: Forward Lean Posture In Tai Chi

Forward Lean Posture In Tai Chi
There are much discussions about this posture. Here, the health benefits and martial art application of this posture are presented. See also related video See our website for other training: Introduction to Wu Style Tai Chi - Tai Chi Martial Arts Application - Tai Chi Internal Discipline - Tai Chi Health Benefits - Tai Chi DVD Library -
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James Roach said...

New video from my teacher Hwa Laoshi, published 8/4: Stretch from cervical spine to Achilles heel" My experience with this tells me the stretch has to be all of one piece and you will actually feel the whole back from head to heel making the stretch like a straight piece of rope. Any bend, curve, heel not on the ground firmly and it is like stretching a rope clustered with knots so the stretch will only go to the knot of next proximity.